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Apple will only let you remove iOS 10 apps, not delete them

Apple confirmed that it’s giving you the power to drop native mobile apps on iOS 10 when it published an official support page detailing the feature for beta testers. What that page didn’t mention is that you can’t reallydelete stock apps, you can only remove them from your home screen. When you delete a stock application on iOS 10, it loses its configurations and purges any data you gave it. However, its binary file will remain in your system even if you can’t see its icon anymore, the company’s SVP of software engineering told Apple blogger John Gruber.

While that might not be good enough for people who have a seething hatred for stock iOS applications, it likely won’t have any effect on the way you use your device. Apple points that its pre-loaded apps use less than 150MB and don’t take up a big part of your storage space. That said, you’ll still need to redownload them from the App Store — Cupertino made them available on iTunes for this purpose — if you change your mind.

By the way, Apple’s support page also gives you the rundown on some possible complications when you remove certain programs. For instance, if you try to remove the Watch app while it’s paired with a smartwatch, iOS will prompt you to unpair it first. You can’t use the Music app with CarPlay if you drop it, and stock and weather notifications won’t pop up anymore if you choose to get rid of them.


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