WeChat’s sight video is a new-added feature since the release of WeChat V6.0. This is a great way of sharing short moments in life through video clips at any moment.  Videos shared by your friends through WeChat can be saved to your phone easily. To do that, simply tap to play the video in full screen mode, then long press the WeChat video received in WeChat to display the Save to Phone or Save video option and save it to your Camera Roll.

However, the problem is that the sight videos can’t be saving to iPhone or exported to camera roll like other videos received. WeChat allows you to favorite the right videos, forward sight videos, but not save or export sight videos from WeChat to iPhone camera roll or computer.

This article will show you 2 methods to download WeChat sight video to your computer or iPhone easily.

Method 1: Save WeChat sight videos with WeChat PC Version

Step 1. Download the WeChat desktop version on your PC and login from your iPhone.

Send the sights video that you want to download to yourself via ‘file transfer’ and first watch the video all the way through on your PC to ensure it’s downloaded. Now go to settings.

Select “General” from the options. Now you can see the default directory that the WeChat files are stored in on the local computer. Find this folder on your computer.

WeChat File Directory

The folder is usually entitled WeChat files. Open it and choose the folder name matching your WeChat ID. Then go to video. There will likely be many files in this folder with long file names. We suggest organizing the folder by date so you can see the latest files at the top. WeChat sights files are stored in mp4 format.

Now enjoy your WeChat sight videos on your computer.

Enjoy WeChat Sight Video on PC

Method 2. Save WeChat sight video with iMyfone iPhone Extractor Tool.

Step 1. Download iMyfone WeChat Recovery Windows or iMyfone WeChat Recovery for Mac in your computer. Both Windows or Mac versions are available.



Note: iTunes needs to be installed to help the program running correctly.

The program supports actually all iOS models, like iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone 7

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to a PC via a USB cable.

User the original USB cable with came with it to connect your iPhone to PC or Mac.

First of all, run the program and get your iPhone connected to the computer.


  • If your iPhone is locked, you would need to unlock the screen.
  • You will get the prompt on your iPhone to trust the computer if you haven’t connect your iPhone before. Simply tap trust this computer and grand the access of this computer.

 Step 3. Scan your iPhone to locate WeChat sight videos on your iPhone.

Once your iPhone is plugged in, the program will detect your iPhone, then you will see the window below. Choose Recover from iOS device tab on the left, then click “Start” button, then click button “Scan”.



Once the scan starts, you don’t need to do anything else but wait. Do not disconnect your iPhone during the scanning process. Otherwise, you will have to start it over again.

The scan process may need some time because the media files are usually large.

After the scan, all your WeChat media data is listed, tick WeChat checkbox, click into Videos folder, you will see all the videos in WeChat, both sight videos and videos are included.


Mark those you want and click the “Recover” button at the bottom to save them all on your computer with one click. You will be prompted to choose the directory to save the data, once done. The program will start to recover the found WeChat Sight videos to the location you chose.



Once done, the directory folder will be open automatically. The WeChat sights files are stored in mp4 format.

Now you know how to save WeChat sight videos to your Windows or Mac computers.

If you would like to watch the videos on your iPhone/video Apps, you can use some free 3rd party iOS manager, such as iTools to import the videos back to your iPhone.

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