The one common problem that every iPhone user faces is the white screen or black screen of death. The device becomes non-functional and hangs at the logo. None of the actions such as pressing the power button, or the three-button hold makes it responsive again. The reason behind the occurrence of such a bug is numerous. However, most importantly, it is due to malfunctioning of a hardware component or a bug in the iOS. According to technologists, frequent drops of the device cause the dysfunction. If you are in search for a solution to fix your device without losing any data on your precious smartphone, then do read ahead to find out about the ways through which you can fix your iOS, make your device work properly again with all the content exactly in the identical position where you left them.

Fixing the white screen or black screen of death in iPhone requires a unique tool that is also capable of recovery data. It is here that iMyfone iOS System Recovery comes into action, taking the pilot seat in repairing the device in a few simple steps. It helps anyone whose device is stuck on the screen displaying the Apple logo. Additional highlights of the application include the following:

  1. Restoring the content on your iPhone irrespective of the reason how you lost it in the first hand
  2. You can recover any file from your device because it recognizes over 22 different file formats
  3. You have four different methods to retrieve your lost or deleted data from your device
  4. Gives you the glimpse of the recoverable files in its preview window, which you can use to calculate the amount of data lost
  5. Fixes iOS loopholes without corrupting or deleting any other file from the device

Follow the steps below to repair the device without losing even a single file.

Step 1: Download and Installation

Download a iOS System Recoery Tool that is available for free to download (trial version). Install the software: iMyfone

Step 2: Selecting “Fix iOS System”

Launch the software and from the screen choose the option “Fix iOS System” which you will notice as shown below in the picture.

Fix iOS System Program Home

Step 3: Connecting the device

To begin repairing the device, you first have to plug it into the computer with the help of the USB cable. Once you plug in the device, iMyfone program detects it automatically. After that, head to the next step by pressing the “Start” button.
Start to get your iPhone out of recovery mode

Step 4: Downloading the firmware

To fix the device from the white screen of the death, you have to reinstall the firmware. The best feature of the application is its ability to detect the make, model, and version of the iPhone to allow you to download the latest OS suitable for the device. All you need to do is tap the “Download” button.

Select iOS Firmware


The time taken for the application to download the firmware will be depending on your internet connection speed and the size of the file. Please be patient until the download finishes.


Step 5: Fixing the iOS

After IMyfone D-Back downloads the firmware, it will begin fixing the loopholes in your device’s iOS. The time taken to repair the device depends on the extent to which the bugs exist in the operating system. Please be patient until the application fixes the device.


Step 6: Completing the repairs

After fixing the operating system, your iPhone reboots. It functions in the standard state with all the content in its original place.


Please note the following changes made to your device:

  • Your iPhone will run on the latest iOS version after you fix the device
  • If you were using a jailbroken iOS before fixing the smartphone, then fixing iOS with IMyfone D-Back will restore the device to the default mode
  • If you were using an unlocked iPhone before fixing the iOS, then you will continue to use it in the same state even after completing the repair of the operating system.

iMyfone iOS System Recovery is an free to download, simply download iMyfone to have a try.