retrieve-deleted-text-messages-from-iphoneYou may have deleted all the old text messages on your phone just to realize that there were some important texts that got deleted as well. You should not worry as it is possible to recover the deleted text messages from iPhone. The process of retrieving the text messages is quite simple and they can be recovered from backup of your phone or third Party apps. If you are not aware how to retrieve deleted texts messages you can check out the methods we are listing below:

1) Contact your phone provider

Some phone providers keep a record of your texts and you can access them if you have deleted them from your phone accidently. You can call your phone provider and check if they store your messages. You may need to login to your account online in order to retrieve the messages or contact customer services.

2) Retrieve the deleted messages from iCloud

If you have backed up your iPhone to iCloud you can restore the deleted text message very easily. However you may need to know if iCloud backs up text messages in your territory as it does not back up SMS in all territories and for all phone operators. Follow these steps to retrieve the data backed up in iCloud:

  • Login to the iCloud website ( with your Apple user ID and password.
  • Click on Text messages. In case text messages are not listed there it means that the messages have not been backed up.
  • After clicking on the text messages search for the messages that you need.
  • Then go to iPhone and click on Settings and iCloud on the phone.
  • Turn off the text messages and if they are turned off leave them like that.
  • A popup will appear on the phone and you need to select the option that says – Keep on My iPhone.
  • Now go back to the settings and turn on the text messages.
  • Tap on the Merge option and wait. After few minutes you will find that the deleted text messages will appear back on your iPhone.

3) Restore the deleted text messages from iTunes

You can also recover the deleted text messages using iTunes backup. If you have not disabled the automatic sync option on iTunes a backup is created every time you sync the iPhone with your computer or Mac. To retrieve the messages follow these steps:

  • Connect the iPhone to your PC and open iTunes if it does not open automatically.
  • When the iPhone appears select it.
  • After that select Restore backup.
  • It will replace the data on your phone with the previously backed up data within few minutes and the messages will appear on your iPhone.

4) Use third party apps

If none of the above options work and you are in doubt on how to retrieve deleted iPhone text messages, you can also use certain third party apps. Some of the apps that can be used, like iMyfone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery. Even if you delete the messages on your phone they remain on your headset until they are overwritten and you can use these apps to scan and preview the found data at NO cost.

The best feature I like most is that the program can scan your device and allow you to see what exactly the data can be found and what exactly in your Backup files.