Apple’s iPhone can drop off and become slower in later life, here’s how to speed them up

Have you still got an older Apple iPhone? Apple’s iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are all still really good handsets but sometimes need a bit of a boost in their later years. These smartphones inevitably begin to slow down later on in life, but there are a few ways you can speed them up.

There’s no reason to upgrade just yet, have a quick look at a few of our tips below and see if they work to speed up your iPhone.

First things first though, if you’ve had a go on a friend’s newer iPhone, you’re never going to reach those heady heights of performance. Better processors and memory mean the newer handsets are going to be much zippier than anything your older handset can handle, so don’t expect too much.

Having said that, with the right tweaks you can really bolster the performance of an aging iPhone. Apple carefully optimises its iOS software for use on its hardware, and while the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s are now pretty bloody old, you should still be able to eek out another six months or so of usage before biting the bullet and updating to a shiny new one.

Install iOS 7.1


Many of those with older iPhone handsets upgraded to iOS 7 and suffered from a downgrade in speed. Some even felt it worthwhile to head back on over to iOS 6. Apple now claims the new version, iOS 7.1, will give you a much better experience on older handsets and we are inclined to agree.

iOS 7.1 solves a variety of problems and speeds individual apps up to make a much more fluid iPhone experience. If you’re not using it already, get into those settings and download the latest version as soon as possible.

Close Down The Non Essentials


It’s likely you’ve got a growing list of applications still open. The best bet is to shut as many of them down as you can. The best trick is if you don’t use it every day, why is it always open?

Clear Your Cookies


Safari, like most other browsers, will fill up with cookies and other data over time. It’ll run much faster if it’s got a clear history to work with. Just jump into the settings app and choose Safari, from there you can choose both Clear History and Clear Cookies and you may see a difference in the way the app runs.

Tip: Remember it may slow you down in the long run as it will delete all your saved data from websites. You’ll have to re-enter passwords all over again.

Delete Text Messages


Your memory could probably do with some freeing up. Not many people regularly delete their text messages so it may be an idea to jump in and get rid of a few. You can delete individual conversations so you don’t have to lose everything.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

delete Apps from iphone ios7We all do it, those apps you download and think they’re great but then never, ever use. Get rid of them. They’re sat there using up memory which could be put to better use in other areas. Anything you don’t regularly use should face the chop, be as ruthless as you can and you’ll hopefully notice a bit of a boost in your iPhone’s performance.

It only takes you several minutes to free up iPhone space and make your iPhone run better with iMyfone Umate iPhone Cleaner.

  1. Download iMyfone Umate iPhone Cleaner from the official website. Both Window sand Mac versions available.
  2. Connect your device to PC or Mac, and click Start Scan
  3. The program will scan and analyze your device automatically. It takes some time depending on your device capacity. Generally the bigger capacity you have, the longer it takes to scan it.
  4. After the scan, you will be listed the details to save
  5. Click Clean button next to each category, like Junk Files, temporary files,  Photo compression, large files deletion, Apps
  6. This isn’t just for iPhones, obviously; it’ll work with any iOS device like an iPad or iPod touch. You shouldn’t need to do it too often, but it’s a decent way to start fresh after you install a new app or notice some weirdness going on with your device.