To simplify the login process without remembering too many different passwords on different websites, Main browsers have a fantastic built-in feature that saves, manages, and auto-fills the passwords when needed. But the auto-filled password are invisible to us, all we can see is a series of asterisks, like shown below


If you want to reveal the saved password when you need to send it to someone eles or under other cases, you will have to go to to the password manager in setting page.

Chorme: Setting-Advanced Setting-Password and forms-Manage passwords, and locate your page from all saved passwords list.


FireFox: Options-Security-Saved passwords-Click the site you want to check-Show passwords


It takes you so many hits, so here I would like to share a quick trick to you.

1.Right-click the Password field and choose Inspect Element option

Inspect-Element2.That opens Broswer’s Develop Tools with the Password field automatically highlighted. Now all you need is double-click the element called Type=”password”, and replace “Text” instead of password, check below

Replace text of passwordSimply hit Enter, you will find that your Password in clear plain text format right in the Password field. Easy, right? Try it out yourself.

reveal saved password