If you are an iTunes user, you will know that even though the software is very handly at times, it has its own drawbacks. Just as you getused your old version of iTunes, Apple launches a new update which is often so different from the old version that you spent alot of time trying to figure it out. Sometimes you may do not even want to upgrade it since upgrade meaning iTunes is heavier. Another complains by iOS users is that iTunes always erase all the exiting files after synchronization. That’s really a awful situation. So Here i would like to introduce you 4 iTunes alternative, which you will enjoy your sync experience.


Ecoute is a standalone music player application designed by PixiApps for Mac OX S and iOS. It’s bases on your iTunes library. You can also connect it to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and last.fm to share your music taste. THe customizable desktop widget makes your music even easier to control. While the Control center on the device will show when a song is playing via Ecoute, tapping it will launch Music i.e, Ecounte will not be control music playback on your system.


2. Swinsian

The biggest advantage of this music player is the large number of audio formats it supports. Swinsian also keeps a tab of your folders and automatically adds newly download music into your library. The right sidebar can be used to easily edit tags and metadata for your tracks. However, this app has an uninteresting user interface which is very similar to iTunes. Also, it can not be used to manage your eBooks, apps, TV shows and movies.


Developed by Green & Slimy, this minimalist app automatically sorts all your music with a focuz on album cover art. It can be made to collapse into a mini player too. Apart from syncing your iTunes library, you can sync Vinyls with your last.fm account as well. The autofil feature will add randome tracks from your library whenever your playlist is getting empty. However, the app takes some time to getting used to. It has limites features and the cover art interface is often inconvenient since it is difficult to recognize music bases on the artwork alone.



One of the more complexapps, Tomahawk gives you access to music even outside your library through services like Youtube. Using Google Chat and Jabber, it can be used to connect to your friends and other computers and access their music libraries as well. Inspite of being a great iTunes alternative, the app’s user interface is very unexciting. It’s not very useful for people who listen to music within their own library. Even the search sometimes returns amateur covers of the origianl song that you’re looking for.