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Whatsapp messengar is a cross-platform messaging applications for smartePhones. iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, even symbian versions are available.

With this greatest app, we can send text message, voice message, images, videos. Whatsapp contact list are imported from your Phone contact list. We can get in touch with families, friends from anywhere, anytime as long as there is data usage.

I believe that most people have to use WhatsApp, daily conversations with friends, for a lot of people are very precious. If you do not want to lose the device or change phone lose these precious records, they have to pre-backup your chat history regularly and restore it when it’s needed.
For android device, it’s quite simple to backup message conversations.Whatsapp developing team might have realized the importance of recover whatsapp conversations or they got so many feedback requesting this feature, so they offer us the option to backup and restore the chat, a built-in option. Simply go to the home interface, where all conversations are displayed. There is a there dottec icon on the right-top, simply tap on it, you will find “setting” option. Follow Setting-Chat setting-Backup conversations. You are on the go.

But this is just the first step for backup, since the backup file is only in your device storage.


Connect your android to PC via USD cable, locate “Whatsapp” folder, duplicate one copy to your PC. you may be able to retrieve your WhatsApp chats by moving the whole folder back to same location.

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Backup Whatsapp chat to iCloud for iPhone users.

Using iCloud backup will store your Whatspp conversations and medial files(video are excluded) to your iCloud account.

If your iCloud auto-backup is enabled, once you lock your iPhone with wifi connected. All data will be backup to iClond server automatically.

Meanwhile, you can also backup whatsapp conversations manually by simply tapping Setting-Chat setting>Chat baclup. Choose “Backup now”. By doing this, please make sure your Document & Data backup is set to “ON” in iCloud backup settings.

If you want to restore the backed up message history, you may first make sure you made a icloud backup copy. Go to Whatsapp setting>Chat setting>Chat backup. Remember the data of your last backup, then uninstall and reinstall Whatsapp applciation. Once your phone number is successfully verified, just follow the prompt window to retrieve your conversation history. Please well noted that the phone number for verification should be the same one in the backup file.

In case you did not have any backup files, there is another way out there. Where are several whatsapp recovery tool on the market. The one I recommend is iMyfone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery Software, preview what you lost before performing recovery. What impressed me is that it also supports Kik message recovery.

iMyfone iPhone Data Recovery


iMyfone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery for Windows

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